Skip Thomas

Skip Thomas will be assisting in the filming of the Eagle Quetzal Condor Gathering.

Skip Thomas is an international award-winning commercial television and film director and producer. His latest film “Sacred Journey of the Heart” was an official film festival selection and award winner at several film festivals throughout the world including winner Best Feature Documentary 2013 Wild Rose Independent Film Festival, Best Feature Documentary 2013 International Film Festival Jakarta, Indonesia as well as an official selection in the 2014 Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals.

Fortune 500 companies such as Kraft Foods, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Alltel, AT&T, KFC, TCBY, along with high-profile politicians (among them Bill Clinton and Mike Huckabee), makers of health and beauty care products, and leading healthcare organizations have turned to Skip Thomas to produce results.

Throughout Skip’s life, inspired by the stories of his great grandfather a Cherokee Chief in Northern Arkansas, he left the corporate world and moved to Sedona, Arizona. This journey connected him to indigenous elders from around the world, as well as to his own ancestry. Volunteering to film the 2009 Return of the Ancestors gathering in Northern Arizona, his desire to bring ancient wisdom to the world ignited his passion to travel a new path in life.

His productions show his success: his talent lies in using images and music to evoke a deep emotional response from his audiences – and his work always moves them to action. Skip’s success, in addition to his creative talent, is owed to his intuition. He ‘knows’ how to connect the subject, the producer and the audience and can turn everyday information into a compelling creative journey which touches an “everyday” audience. He is able to change the way they, and all of us, look at the world.

Find Skip’s work on his YouTube Channel, AwakenTVSedona.