Understanding Earth Energy and How We Interconnect From All Around the Planet

Heart Songs, Prayers and Earth Acupuncture

When you vibrate a heart song or prayer of intention to give an offering back to the Spiritual Mothers And Fathers and Mother Earth you open the doors to the Natural worlds and send your prayer, your energy to connect through the communication lines. With this heart song, prayer or offering, look within and connect to the source divine crystalline golden light. Let this magnificent elemental energy flow though your body and feel it activate within and all around you. Now send this energy back to the sacred site with an affirmation of your highest intent and highest good.

Visualizing at this point in time, that the place you are praying is now connecting to all other sacred sites on the Mother Earth to the Elders youth & Wisdom Keepers of those gathering in Sedona Arizona. Ask the assistance of the elementals to come bring balance and stabilization in the highest good to our Mother Earth to all beings. The understanding will come, the energy will be received. That is Earth Acupuncture, and it heals you as well as the Earth.

Earth Acupuncture creates a way for all humanity to consciously connect with the light grids on the planet. By going to one of thousands of cross points or (vortexes) sacred sites on the Earth grid like Egypt, Sedona, Peru, Hawaii, or Australia, visualizing the highest vibratory light coming into your body, illuminating your spirit, and connecting to mother Earth and Father sky. From here we take the steps forward to ignite our internal flame of Love and light, pressing firmly on the Earth and creating our personal spark of energy into the specific point we are standing on.

The Earth as “source”

Connecting with the Earth was an essential part of spirituality in many ancient and Indigenous cultures. The separation of science and spirituality in our Western culture has estranged most of us from our soul connection to the Earth. The Earth has become an object that is there to use. We no longer consider her to be a living entity. We have forgotten that she is truly a “mother” who provides us with everything we need, nurturing every level of our human existence.

What does Mother Earth provide us with? The Earth provides us with every atom in our body – either directly or indirectly – making us inseparable from the Earth itself.

The Earth provides the electromagnetic environment we need to optimally function. It helps us to connect with the more subtle energies of the Earth. These subtle energies resonate and interact with our meridians, chakras energy bodies. On Earth we find those energies in lines, grids and vortexes.

Vortexes, Lei Lines and Grids

Vortexes exist everywhere; they are found where energy lines exist. Because almost all vortexes are found in connections with lines. We define a vortex as a place where energy goes in/or out of a system. That system can be the Earth (vortexes), our body (the chakras and acupuncture points) or the Universe (galaxies, black holes and white holes). According to science, whenever energy moves it will move in a spiraling way, hence the name vortex (vertere (Latin) = spiraling).

There are many different types of vortexes. To a varying degree, they all have an effect on us; some with subtle effects and greater awareness with others. There are vortexes that resonate with our meridians. Others resonate with our chakras or with our energy bodies. There are grid systems with vortexes that hold our consciousness.

Communication lines

Communication lines are induced through human consciousness during certain activities. These lines appear between churches. They appear when we handle (charge) stones and place them in the landscape. They also exist between rocks with petroglyphs (a carving or inscription on a rock).

The message from the elementals is to come back to these sites and vibrate a song of prayer or intention, reconnecting the lay lines and meridian systems that have been damaged.

These elements are speaking to us, asking us to please stop what we are doing; the utter destruction of the Natural world. The elemental kingdom is in great need of our help at this time, to come together once again and work in harmony with one another, learning to balance both the material and spiritual in these times. Join us to celebrate life, unity and our Earth Mother, La Pachamama.

Our work includes building bridges for all people to unite and learn from each other.


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