Adam DeArmon

Executive Producer/Founder of International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom

Adam DeArmon

Adam “Yellowbird” DeArmon is founder and producer for the Eagle Quetzal Condor Confederation Gathering. He works with the indigenous elders around the world to bridge the past with the future and bring the wisdom of all cultures together to create a better world.

Adam is a visionary and spiritual leader. He is bringing the multi-cultural vision of all people coming together as one for unity and healing of our Mother Earth. He believes we are Earth Keepers of our Mother and we must take care of her as she takes care of us; the people.

Adam (Yellow Bird) DeArmon received training and spiritual initiations from indigenous Elders as he worked, learned, and lived among numerous tribal communities around the world. He launched a career as a global Cultural Liaison sixteen years ago when he envisioned and implemented the Earth Dance8 International Multicultural Gatherings –– events that have continued and reached four worldwide communities.

Ten years ago, continuing his practice as a spiritual guide, Adam founded the Institute of Cultural Awareness –– a non-profit organization that sponsored national and international gatherings of indigenous leaders in North, Central, and South America.

His enthusiasm for bridging and preserving indigenous cultures by arranging worldwide gatherings gained him acknowledgement as a Goodwill Ambassador of the Indigenous Peoples Grand Council of Peace for Goodwill Treaty Org. In addition, Adam worked three years as a Cultural Liaison for The Foundation of Global Humanity.

Adam the Ambassador for ICCS, International Center for Cultural Studies. He is the co-founder of The International Center of Spiritual and Ancestral Wisdom and has the honored status as a foreign ambassador and minister for All Nations Native American Church.