Mary Ann Reyes

Public Relations Coordinator

Mary Ann Reyes, Volunteer Coordinator

Mary Ann is assisting our team with Public Relations Coordinator and website formatting and maintenance.

Her background in non-profit management, recruitment, and email viral marketing has helped many organizations in their fund development strategy and campaigns. She is part of the Pachamama Alliance Game Changer pilot program, an organization that envisions a New Dream of humanity – one that supports an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on the planet.

Additionally, Mary Ann has taught women’s meditation, intuition and healing for over eight years at various spiritual centers throughout Southern California, Colombia, Australia and Hawaii. She apprenticed with Madre Sarita, toltec curandera and mother to author Don Miguel Ruiz.

In 2008, she was encouraged to attend a meeting of “elders not of her tribe in the Grand Canyon” and that our elders brothers (the Kogi) had descended the mountain to deliver an important message to humanity. That event was the Return of the Ancestors held in Sedona, Arizona where she met her future husband. She feels her participation in the Eagle-Quetzal-Condor Confederation has come full circle and is looking forward to supporting the projects and communities that the International Center for Spiritual Ancestral Wisdom serves.

Today, she resides in Canada with her husband and two children.