Joshua Shapiro

josua shapiro

Joshua Shapiro, A Crystal Skull Explorer began his journey with the crystal skulls in April of 1983, just before his 28th birthday, when he met the ancient amethyst crystal skull called “Ami”. During this meeting he was awakened to his connection with the crystal skulls as well as received an inner calling inside of him (a soul memory as it were) to help the public better know what the crystal skulls are all about and why they are important for our future. Then in 2009 he met his divine life partner Katrina and together they are helping many people to become more familiar with the crystal skulls. They also have assisted quite a few people to find their first personal crystal skull. The Crystal Skull Explorers have traveled to various countries in the world doing various public events not only sharing the personal skulls they have between them but to teach about all the crystal skulls in the world. Together they have released two new books in their Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers Travel Log Series (one about Mexico and one about Peru), they are the organizers of the Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations held on the 13th of each month, have supported in person and on-line crystal skull conferences, and Joshua is working on two new novels which show a different scenario very possible scenarios for world peace to happen in the world. Also the Explorers at times offer an on-line radio show and Joshua has been interviewed for various TV documentaries discussing the Crystal Skulls. In his 32 years of contact with the Crystal Skulls, Joshua has had a chance to meet and sometimes do research with a number of the well known ancient crystal skulls in the world.