Three Trees

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Three Trees has studied music and art from an early age. Following a national music tour of Peru, there awoke a passion to deepen his connection to the Divine and to understand the mysteries of sound and rhythm as a healing modality. Following this path the last twenty years has created a deep understanding of the relationship between healing and music.He incorporates the music and wisdom from many indigenous traditions around the world. His joy is to share this in service to others. Three Trees is an internationally recognized Sound Healer and Workshop Facilitator. Bringing forth a understanding rooted in Shamanic techniques and centered in Divine Love and Joy. Three Trees also facilitates “Shamanic Sound Healing Journey” concerts , taking the audience on a musical “Souljourn” into the heart where powerful healing on all levels can occur as they connect to there Divine nature….

Three Trees lives in Sedona, Arizona as a musician and sound healing practitioner, teaching Shamanic, West African, Middle Eastern and Spirit drumming. Three Trees makes many of the instruments he plays, including drums, didgeridoos & Native American flutes. Three Trees also is the protege of acclaimed sculptor John Soderberg.