Planetary Advocate

Catherine Brando

Catherine Brando is a Certified Meta Health Coach and a Reiki Master who specializes in Healing Retreats incorporating her Trademarked body-awareness-practice Chiyoga. Through powerful Guided Meditations, Personal Coaching, Holistic Healing Techniques and Theosophy Teachings she assists her clients to balance their etheric & emotional bodies and raise their vibrational frequency. Through workshops and speaking events she shares and spreads her knowledge and wisdom. 
She is the creator of the Orgotrone, an extremely powerful Healing Device, which generates an artificial Vortex of exceptionally high vibrational healing energies. The Orgotrone’s magnetic field dissolves energetic blockages, realigns the chakras, reconnects you to your higher self and helps to regenerate the physical body as well. 
Catherine is a passionate and an inspiring teacher whose main purpose is to assist in the Global Awakening Process of Humanity.