Hector Garcia-Carvajal


As a native of Jalisco, Mexico Hector Garcia-Carvajal, or PUMA, is one of the wisdom keepers who will be at our event.

He has been actively participating in ceremonies since December 21, 2012, such as:

Native American
South America
Meditations & Breathwork
Sound Healing

This has brought clarity to his purpose, not just for himself, but for the community, working with SOUND HEALING THERAPY.

His work infusions Shamanic Journeying and with different types Soundscapes, along with balancing and energizing the Chakra system. He incorporates different instruments into the work: Flute, Crystal bowl, Didgeridoo, Drums, and Tuning Forks and Breathwork.

His intention is simply to bring forth the experience of:

Balance and Well Being
To Help Move Block Energies and Balance of Chakras
Brings Mental Clarity
Lower Blood Pressure
Emotional Balance
Increased Connection to Source (Great Spirit)
Overwhelming Feelings of Joy
Deep Inner Peace
Supporting Spiritual Awakening
Stress Relief and Deep Relaxation
Promoting good Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing and Health
Relief From Physical Pain