Ernesto Hernandez Olmos

Planetary Advocates & Music


Ernesto-Hernandez is a member of World Youth Council and Elders CounciI have had the opportunity to travel and share experiences with indigenous leaders from all over the world. This global community of teachers, healers and change makers, includes elders from Guatemala, Canada, the U.S., Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hawaii, India and Japan.

We share our spiritual and natural belief systems. One of the strongest messages that has been mentioned by nearly all of the elders is the lack of young people showing interest in the sacred ancestral arts. As OmeAkaEhekatl, Erick González says, “The influence from Western culture and religion is so strong that most of the youth are not interested in learning the old ways. In some communities, when the elders cross over, they will not have had anyone to leave their teachings with to carry forward.”

During the time period of the “Cholq’ij: Voices of Our Ancestors” project I participated in a World Council of Elders gathering in Korea and France. When I returned to San Rafael it was with increased interest in passing on the traditions of the sacred Mayan calendar. I worked with Youth in Arts to share important elements of our traditions with young families from San Rafael’s Canal community and Fruitvalle. For many years I have led altar making and Aztec dancing at the Día de los Muertos festival in the Canal Oakland Museum, The Young Museum, The Palace of Fine Arts SF, National Museum of Mexican Art, and have an invitation to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian for 2014 .