Magical Folk Music

Bhushan is a musician who plays songs of love and life for children of all ages.

He sees his music as a gift to him, thru his life experiences, from the Creator. He embraces the philosophy: the songs come thru us and do not belong to us. He is merely a vessel thru which he shares the gift.

Bhushan was voted ‘best male folk artist’ in the state of Alaska in ’82 in the first All Alaska Music Awards, also known as the Snowshoe Round-up!

He spent the better part of 12 years living and playing his music in Alaska, followed by the next 8 years in California (Mendocino Village), playing in 3 different world-reknown restaurants, where they labelled his music as “Magical Folk Music”.

He’s played in several acoustic groups, as well as a number of different bands, over the years and loved every minute of the experiences.

Bhushan is grateful for any and all opportunities he’s had to share his music over the years. His hopes and dreams are for love and beauty everywhere.