Alokananda is in service to community in many ways, supporting the individual journey as well as larger group facilitation. He shares many gifts as an intuitive healer, wisdom keeper, channel, reverend and facilitator of sacred space. Alokananda is a rainbow warrior prophecy holder and one who shares a deep passion toward the esoteric and “mystical thread” that is woven through the various lineages of the world. Known to his friends as Aloka, and in ceremony as Star Bear, he is committed to the process of self mastery, ascension and the revival of empowered community on the planet. Alokananda shares his passions where they can be integrated in the heart, grounded in life, in relationship with self, other, Earth and Cosmos. 

As a visionary and community leader he is one of the co-founders of Tribal Alliance International as well as Unitribe in NYC and currently serves as a consultant on the board of multiple land projects developing educational retreat centers, festivals, and community hubs around the world. Creatively he is the lead singer of Sun’s of the Earth sharing a passion for love, community and sacred activism.