Dianna WhiteDove Uqualla

Havasupai Elder


WhiteDove, is a practicing ceremonialist recognized for her intuitive abilities.

She is a third generation tribal leader, member of the Havasupai Tribal Council and is a former Vice- Chairwoman for the tribe.

Sought after for her mentoring skills, and is an International Peace Advocate.


Teaching and nurturing all she comes into communion with she is a facilitator of weddings, blessings, demonstrations, dance performances, and Sacred Oratories!

WhiteDove wears the traditional clothing of a Medicine Woman. She has gift, passed down from her Ancestors, that allows her to see things others cannot.

WhiteDove embraces here gifts and travels the world to share them through ceremonial blessings, sweat lodges, prayers, and sacred rituals. She goes wherever spirt takes her, but she is happiest at her home village of Supai, in the Grand Canyon.