Rendo Sugimoto

Japanese Elder


Rendo Sugimoto is the president of NPO Rendo Jyuku.

Rendo Jyuku aims to share the knowledge hidden beneath Japanese culture with all generations around the world.

Rendo Jyuku promotes regional activities, health awareness and revive ancient tradition through healing workshops and leisure activities.

Rendo Jyuku provides lively social development from multiple angles.

Rendo Sugimoto resides in the city of Izu-Kogan, located on the Izu Peninsula on the Japanese Island of Honshu. The Izu Peninsula, (once a volcanic island itself), has some of the most beautiful coastal scenery in the world and, due to its proximity to many of Japan’s most active volcanoes, has countless hot springs. Along the peninsula is the Amagi mountain range. It is here that Sugimoto Sensei (“Teacher”) developed the Amagi Thermal Therapy. “Amagi” means “mountains that reach to the heavens” and is based on “Gyoja”, a form of Japanese shamanism that combined with Buddhism in the 7th century.

His technique combines this knowledge of healing through the powers of Nature together with other elements discovered during his own healing experiences. Being gravely ill many years ago, physicians using conventional medicine had been unable to bring him back to a reasonable state of health. Sensei realized that he, himself, had to take the responsibility for his health if he was to survive. It was through this inspiring personal journey of healing that Amagi Thermal Therapy was born.

Master Rendo has been teaching this amazing healing method, originated in Japan’s sacred mountains, to the general public and to medical professionals all over the world for over two decades. He has appeared as a Guest Lecture in NewLife Expo in New York City, he has taught at the U.C.S.B college of creative studies, he also teaches regularly at the Return of the ancestors in Arizona as a “Elder” representative from Japan.