Kazumi Oishi



Female shaman in Okinawa, Japan


  • Medicine Woman
  • Jikiden REIKI Maser(Reiki teacher (directly attuned)
  • Reflexology teacher
  • Aromatherapist
  • Miyahara Style Enmei (life prolonging) Gakushi (seitai= massage)

Kazumi is a Kaminchu (Psychic channeler or shaman). Okinawa prefecture used to be a kingdom called Ryukyu not Japan where female Kaminchu were responsible for ceremonial prayers for various Gods protecting the kingdom. She is one of the few Okinawan Kaminchu. Okinawas were different from Japanese. When Japan began dominating Okinawa, it make Kaminchus dissolve.

She listens to messages, accepting the presence of God, and prays for life of water and the five elements (water, fire, earth, air, wind). She has been performing rites for nature and prayers for the earth.

Some of the messages tell her about depletion of water of the earth and the future of humankind.

Her Blog (Japanese Only): http://mizukagamimother.blog.fc2.com/

She is a member of Watersongline.com.