Suns Of The Earth

Suns Of The Earth are singing the song of our times and within their music lives the Mythos of a global transformational movement. Their evocative music is a unique blend of rootsy folk, deep indigenous rhythms, heart opening fresh lyrics, catchy hooks and epic chorus’s that are powerful and uplifting to sing along with. The message of their music is about bringing harmony back to Mother Earth by uplifting humanity and beckons listeners to return to the heart and to take action in the world from a space of inspired love. Suns of the Earth re-ignites the ancient with the new, bringing audiences on a powerful journey, an exchange where there is no separation between performer and audience. Everyone is in the band and the circle is every growing; sing with us!

Suns of the Earth, writes all their music in magical nature or sacred places around the world, with a major anchor of inspiration seated in the sacred valley of Ojai, California. Their music comes from inspired experiences in native ceremony, their training in esoteric lineages from around the world and their commitment to embodying love. All of their songs are tuned, recorded and played at 432 Hertz, the healing frequency of the Earth.

Suns of the Earth often share their music along with Cacao ceremonies, sound and breath-work ceremonies, transformational retreats, initiations and group facilitation. Their ceremonial practice honors the Rainbow prophecy pathway and draws from a diverse spectrum of traditions, bridging the angelic, ancestral and vegitalismo.


Bringing a powerful & evocative new sound in our times of great change; Suns of the Earth is a unique blend of genres, bringing rootsy earth vibes with fresh lyrics, catchy hooks and epic chorus’s that are powerful and uplifting to sing along with.Suns of the Earth’s music is all tuned and recorded at A 432 hertz -aligned to the natural harmonic frequency of Planet Earth- creating a unique resonance with the listener rather than the industry standard A 440. Their energy and charisma is reminiscent of the Beatles meets modern day Matisyahu meets Nakho and Medicine for the People. One of the few up & coming bands out there using the full strength of their male voices in chorus harmony, their passionate soundscape reveals Alok Ananda’s lyrically powerful verses that flow effortlessly between a Jim Morrison or hip hop style delivery. Sun’s sound is anchored by Eila Scott’s shining acoustic guitars and driven by Tete Bero’s strong worldy percussion and reggae tinged baselines. Suns of the Earth are singing a rallying call to the global village to join together in community, celebration, and to take action in the world from a place of love and earth guardianship.

“Suns of the Earth’s music fills you, floods you with sustenance and good vibrations, vital life source to keep you going… it’s not just music it’s medicine, mantras for harmony” -THE EXAMINER


Suns of the Earth’s ceremonies draw from a diverse spectrum of lineages, mystical traditions and esoteric practices bridging the angelic and ancestral realms through the Rainbow prophecy pathway of universal teachings and devotion. Their Cacao Ceremonies bring participants on a powerful journey into consciousness, activating the multi-dimensional self or celestial soul and ones personal connection to the earth and cosmos. The vibration of their ceremonial song work and prayers reach beyond form, bringing about deep cellular healing, and stimulate ones own unique connection to the divine and their higher purpose. Each member of the group has had extensive training and initiations within North and South Native American ceremonies and teachings, as well as the Yogic, Shamanic and Ancient mystery school lineages.

Alokananda (Star Bear)

Alokananda is in service to community in many ways, supporting the individual journey as well as larger group facilitation. He shares many gifts as an intuitive healer, wisdom keeper, channel, reverend and facilitator of sacred space. Alokananda is a rainbow warrior prophecy holder and one who shares a deep passion toward the esoteric and “mystical thread” that is woven through the various lineages of the world. Known to his friends as Aloka, and in ceremony as Star Bear, he is committed to the process of self mastery, ascension and the revival of empowered community on the planet. Alokananda shares his passions where they can be integrated in the heart, grounded in life, in relationship with self, other, Earth and Cosmos.

As a visionary and community leader he is one of the co-founders of Tribal Alliance International as well as Unitribe in NYC and currently serves as a consultant on the board of multiple land projects developing educational retreat centers, festivals, and community hubs around the world. Creatively he is the lead singer of Sun’s of the Earth sharing a passion for love, community and sacred activism.

Rites of passage in the Age of Ascension

This workshop / talk explores a multi-discipilinary understanding of the soul’s journey of empowerment, resolution and embodiment through the Ascension process. Alokananda touches on the micro & macro-cosm of this process both on the collective planetary scale, as well as on the individual and community level. Bringing a shamanic, bio-energetic, and mystery school understanding of this subject including the growth edges and processes of disillusionment that surround transitioning out of our contemporary paradigm.

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