International Center for Cultural Studies USA Inc.

About ICCS USA non-profit organization

ICCS USA strives for a world where ancient indigenous cultural heritage and traditions are valued for their intrinsic wisdom to strengthen communities and enrich lives. To improve the effectiveness and capacity of such traditions and cultures to benefit society, ICCS engages in advocacy, networking and research. To support its vision and mission, ICCS provides vital and innovative scholarship and training to young people, and conducts research in ancient traditions across the world.

ICCS endeavors to work across disciplinary boundaries and regional specializations. The Centre keeps active contact with scholars of ancient traditions in the US and other parts of the world, seeking inspiration for new directions in ancient traditions and studies. The Centre is committed to establishing new avenues of enquiry through critical examination of existing scholarly and institutional approaches to ancient cultures.

Qualified and experienced faculty are associated with the Centre and help with research in the fields of ancient and modern history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, religion, archaeology, language, literature, fine arts, sciences and related fields.

ICCS is our non-profit co-sponsor enabling us to receive donations and provide documentation for your tax deductions.

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