Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen


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Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen M.Ed.Coun. is holder and keeper of her maternal Grandmother’s Medicine Bundle. This Bundle has three major threads:

  • middle thread is shamanic rooted and ceremonial
  • the maternal thread is grounded in physical releases through yoga, 5 Tibetans and Osho’s catalytic movements
  • the paternal line is energy medicine

These threads braided together invite clients, students, and apprentices to dive deep into genetic pools. The ultimate inquiry for all is ‘Why are we here?’

Kaariina has several passions. The first is the empowering of the genius of youth. She has co-created multi-dimensional curriculai for the development of a new form of leadership on the planet. She and others recognize that these newly reincarnated leaders learn like dolphins in an ocean of consciousness. They are sensitive to frequencies, resonances and wavelengths. They are also sensitive to their natural environments. This emerging universal mystery school invites youth to gather in several locations around the world in order to reactivate the wild heart.

On the full Wheel of Life, Kaariina has served her former profession as a guidance counsellor for 15 years. She has offered leadership from vision through staff development at the regional, provincial and national levels of education. This has been acknowledged by a Shell Fellowship in Career Education for Canada.

After awakening to the importance of parent education, she committed to the Way of Family Council, developing ethics and principles for a naturally healthy home. She was honoured as Parent Educator of the Year for the Ottawa / Carleton region in 1981. The Way of Council, with a commitment to Non-Violent Communications, grew out of those years of child rearing and Adlerian psychology. This way now forms the primary offering as the bundle continues to be potentized. In 2014, for example, the bundle arrived at Energia Verde in Costa Rica, where Abuela poured three sweats and sanctified the sacred waters. Clearing ancestral wounds, rebirthing new star beings, through lodges and councils has become the focal point of leadership development. Since April 2014, the bundle has opened on the Sunshine Coast of Canada and the council thrives.

Born and raised in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, the juxtaposition of the three Great Lakes, and Anishnabe Spirit Lake Grandmother was deeply influenced by natural power places.

In the next phase of her life, Grandmother was fully initiated into woman chief of sweat lodges and a receptacle for the medicine ways and shamanic tools of her indigenous root.

At the heart of this BUNDLE is a clear vision and deep covenant: Women are sacred, that all comes from women, that sexuality is sacred, that home is a holy making place!

Kaariina is a Karuna REIKI Master teacher who has sat with many elders, wisdom keepers, lamas and more in order to be humbled by the ways of her sacred bloodlines. She has resourced her genetics from Mongolia in both her mother and father lineages. She now carries thunder and lightning.

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Grandmother’s bundle has traveled across Canada in 2013. In Saskatoon, SK she facilitated the founding of a Living in Fierce Faith Community. She has joined youth and elders in seeding crystals and herbal medicines into traumatized locations to release Mother Earth from our pain.

Her third greatest passion is participating in the resurrection of the Healing Ways of the Wisdom of Women. In September 2014, she and Achyntia Devi facilitated Activating the Wild Heart, a retreat honouring 3 generations of medicine women. Our focus is clearing the womb, celebrating the womb, honouring the blood of women. Currently, Grandmother is one of six luminaries for the 13 moon Wild Wise Women Mystery School.

Grandmother of the Turquoise Heart is an adventurous soul: swimming with wild dolphins in the Atlantic, skydiving tandem from 9800ft, dancing around Grandfather fire in the Mojave Desert, presencing the birth of her second grandson, receiving the powah as her father transited from this life, month-long retreat along the Hurley River, BC, just prior to the second largest landslide in the province, driving through the Appalachian Mountains alone, traveling with the bundle throughout Costa Rica for three months, both lead and walked fire and finally and ultimately realizing how to reverse the signature of non-Hodgkins Lymphoma all naturally. These are just some of Grandmother Kaariina’s adventures.

Once a month, Grandmother transmits Messages from the Elders via Living Proof Radio, produced by Tammra Broughton. We are now celebrating three years of being on the air.

“Message from this elder: Practice discernment daily, live fiercely according to your vision, feed your vision, cultivate quality relationships and remember the sacred principles.

For all of our ancestors, descendants and precious teachings, I bow down low and dedicate my footsteps to beauty, truth, strength, power and joy.”

Grandmother Kaariina Saarinen