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Carl Johan Calleman is a scientist and philosopher born in Sweden and currently living in the United States. He has a Ph.D. in Physical Biology and has written a number of books translated to fourteen languages to explain the meaning of  the Mayan calendar such as The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (2004) and The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization (2014). He has made extensive travels in the land of the Maya and made a video interview with Don Alejandro Oxlaj entitled The Mayan New Dawn (2006).

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The recent nine level-shift in the Mayan calendar
The possibility of unity in our multi-dimensional future
Carl Johan Calleman

he Mayan calendar system represents the world’s most important source for understanding our past and future and the discovery of this represents one of the most significant contributions of Native America to the world at large. This calendar system stands out as a manifestation of the shimmering quetzal bird that at this beautiful gathering of elders serves to unify the eagle and condor, often seen as symbolic of the North and the South, that will now fly together.
The Mayan calendar is however not one single calendar but a system of calendars describing the evolution of the universe brought about by nine creation Waves, that in ancient times would all be seen as symbolized by the Plumed Serpent, best known by its Aztec/Toltec name of Quetzalcoatl. By the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica Quetzalcoatl was seen as the wave bringing civilization, the arts and the calendar and was revered in a number of significant temple complexes.
As predicted in the ancient Tortuguero monument nr 6, the Nine waves of the Mayan calendar system have recently gone through a synchronized shift on October 28, 2011 (according to the archeologists December 21, 2012), which has created a new reality for mankind that has never existed before. Most importantly, the Ninth Wave– for the first time bringing the possibility for humanity and its various peoples and tribes to attain a mind of unity– has been activated. This creates a new multidimensional landscape for human consciousness and this presentation will discuss how we can find our way in this.

The Global Mind