Bravado Blue Thunder

Bravado Blue Thunder

Healing Mother Earth’s Sacred Sites – Through the Principles of Peace

Rainbow Thunder Heart aka Blue Thunder is an esteemed 65 year old Eastern Shoshone Nation’s representative who delivers his inspirational knowledge’s about our Earth Mother’s Environments. He brings healing with new rituals and ceremonies combined with the old traditions of all cultures and nations, like Medicine Wheels, Purification Lodges and Sun Dances etc.

He shares a great wisdom about what creations laws of pristineness represents under the Principles of Peace, Mother Natures Vibrations. Peace can be brought into a state of knowing and being by the teachings of peaceful actions, through thoughts, words, and intentions.  His events through twenty years of wisdom of how the Electrical Magnetics Energy Force Fields work in Sacred Geometrical Patterns upon the Earth. His teachings include knowledge about the rainbows colors in prisms of light, sounds, tones and vibrations of the Mother Earth bringing back harmony for a pristine planet vibrating in peace.

Sharing with the world the knowledge of the Principles of Peace he invites all cultures and nation come together in the name of Peace.

His worldwide teachings are supporting the collective awakening process to help humanity remember this truth of peace.

Earth Wisdom Foundation’s strategy in our actions will help turn Mother Nature’s environments healthy, by clarifying the connection between human behavior, thinking with conscious and unconscious emotions affecting Mother Earth’s Shifts within the tectonic plates.

Utilizing his special Native American ways as an Eastern Shoshone Nation’s Messenger of peace, the results after the rituals and ceremonies are healthier pristine environments. Example Given: The Big Bear Medicine Wheel November 2004 unexpected heavy snowfall springs and rains in Big Bear during a drought period.

Bavado will share the most valuable lessons he as experienced and has taken the opportunity to express this great wisdom to help healing our planet and ourselves.