Asher Lyons

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Asher Lyons joins us as a primary host to the Elders for the event, and he is also a long time relative and organizer to our events and projects. Asher also joins the Eagle Quetzal Condor Conference as an MC, Youth Wisdom Keeper, and Planetary Advocate. He is the visionary and founder of Medicine Theater, a program with the mission to support people young and old in finding liberation, joy and healing through the art of spontaneous play, improvisation and story creation. Asher believes freedom is grounded in a connection to our creative spirit and the natural world.

An important component of his work consists of reconnecting youth with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers through wilderness Rites of Passage programs and original story creation workshops. He believes this is key in helping youth to find their true essence and express their voices in this world. With 13 years of experience as a youth mentor, Asher offers a tremendous amount of energy, joy, and openhearted enthusiasm. He is dedicated to fostering a container rich with group collaboration and a positive sense of humor.

Dedicated to his own self-growth, Asher has been working and training with Indigenous Wisdom Keepers from across the Americas for 14 years. He weaves their knowledge and wisdom with his original medicine theatre play creation workshops, thus creating a Rite of Passage style story making experience for all.