Alan Hicks

Eastern Band Cherokee


Alan Hicks is a descendant of Eastern Band Cherokee of North Carolina (Principal People). Member of the Deer Clan, adopted into the Golden Eagle Clan, and is a sacred eternal fire keeper and enrolled Tribal Member of Southeastern Cherokee Council, Medicine Keepers Band. He has served with the Native American Veterans Association and Honor Guard.

The Eastern Cherokee Indian Reservation, officially known as the Qualla Boundary, is located in western North Carolina, just south of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. He is descendant of George G Hicks who was one of four who co-lead his people of the “Trail of Tears.”

His journey has blessed him with the spiritual and ceremonial meetings of spiritual leaders, tribally, nationally and globally. He participated in Return of the Eagle and Condor Gathering Peru (April and May 2007) and for 16 Days was Chief eternal fire keeper for 4th reunion of the “Continental Council of Indigenous Elders and Spiritual Guides of the Americas, Return of the Ancestors” (April 2009 Sedona, AZ). His spiritual teacher he calls “Uncle” is James Uqualla is a member of the Havasupai Tribe.

He has been involved in Traditional Native ceremonies past 20 year as holder of sacred ceremonies and eternal fire keeper. He has been asked upon to build Sacred Ceremonial grounds, Purification lodges, and undertaking Vision Quest encampments.